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Visual Flow, Process Builder Flow : : : : is amazing!

You can create anything you like with APEX, I know.
This is both the benefit ànd the pitfall of Salesforce and the

~At Cumulus4, we believe in using the 'standard'; the application 'as designed'.
But of course, all (your) processes should be made-to-fit the system.

This is where (the use of) 'Flow' comes in:
Flow is an excellent way to translate your requirements to using the 'standard'!

We meet many organisations who all want to use Salesforce but require customisation so 'it will fit their needs'.
  • Step 1 is usually: Create an inventory of the needs;
  • Step 2 should be: Translate to readily available functionality of Salesforce.

This can (will) lead to a gap;
In most cases, this gap should be filled with customisation.

Our suggestion is:
  • Look for a way where the current processes can be replaced with those of the app (Salesforce);
  • If this can't be done - which is often the case, don't worry about it too much - then: Use a Flow to translate, transpose or display.
'Flow' is not easy!
It requires a solid understanding of the processes - experienced consultancy - and an excellent knowledge of the!

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