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  • The price of Enabler4Excel Personal is only $149/computer/year.

  • Looking to be able to merge Accounts, Contacts, and Leads and access other 'admin features'?
  •     ~ From an admin- or developer point of view, we at Cumulus4 say: You want this; it's great!
        > Check out the options for Enterprise Admin.
  • The price of Enterprise Admin is only $299/computer/year.
  • To get a site-wide license number, please contact

    The way it works:
    First and always: Download the Free version
    Install it, try it out!

    Then, when you are ready to purchase it, open your Excel and go here:

    Select 'Buy License' (or a button as such) ;
    Follow the purchase-process of XAPPEX and when it says 'Discount Code (or similar wording) ;
    ! Use 10C4 for a 10% discount !

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